Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Ultimate Home Seller’s To-Do Checklist

When you first decide that you are going to sell your home, it is important that you address all the issues associated with your property before putting it on the market. In some cases, you may want to spend money to make specific improvements while in others you may have to lower the price of the home. In any event, you will need to make a checklist of what to do so that you maximize your chances of selling the home at the price you want.

Identify Trouble Areas

One important tip is to have your home inspected if it is more than a few years old or show signs of having issues. A home inspector will identify areas that may affect the selling price which you might overlook. Plus, they may be able to spot issues that you are unaware such as a damage caused by structural weakness or mold. In any event, a professional home inspector can provide you with a complete picture of your home so you know which changes to make, if any.

Research Market Price

One easy way to know what price your home will sell for is to check a list of recently sold homes in your neighborhood. This is because most homes that surround yours are mostly identical with only small differences. So, what they have sold for will help you better understand the price your home may go for as well. You will want to toss out homes that are significantly different from your own.

Clean It Up

Dirty, unkempt homes do not sell, at least for a price nowhere near what the owner wanted. So, hire a professional cleaning company to give your home a good once-over so that it becomes presentable. You and your family might do the work, but it will take a considerable amount of time. Plus, you are doing more than just mopping, vacuuming, and dusting. You are cleaning out the A/C vents, windows, ceiling fan, and other items that often get overlooked. Don’t forget the outside as the sight of clutter can discourage a sale. Either way, a clean home is the first step towards presenting it to potential buyers.

Renovate Only Where Necessary

One of the biggest mistakes that many sellers make is that they assume an improvement to the home will boost the sales price by the amount that they paid. If you are going to pay for renovations, be sure that they add to the selling price or address an issue that is keeping your home from selling.

By following this checklist, you can create the best atmosphere for selling your property. Be sure to go over the tips as if you were buying the home yourself. By having a buyer’s point of view, you can better spot potential issues that might hinder a sale.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Benefits of Hiring a Miami Real Estate Agent

A bona-fide real estate agent can help you navigate the often perilous and tiresome processes of selling within a competitive real estate market. So, why precisely should you hire a real estate agent? A professional, experienced agent will know the real estate business inside out. They’ll be able to overcome pitfalls you may never have anticipated.

Management of Buyer Inquiries

Agents protect their sellers and buyers from the cascade of inquiries generated by their marketing. There will inevitably be time wasters and technical/legal issues to sort out. Leave all this to the agent. A good agent will liaise with you on a regular basis, keeping you updated about your progress.

Established Client History

Established real estate agents will have a good trading history supported by an impressive portfolio. They will have contacts, serious potential buyers, and sellers already on their books.

Deal-Closing and Sales Expertise

Furthermore, finding a potential buyer or seller is only part of the equation. Knowing how to close a deal is another, often-overlooked, skill that an agent will possess. Knowing the right time to press for agreement and subsequent finalization takes skill.

Property Location Knowledge

Whenever choosing a real estate agent to act on your behalf, choose one that operates locally to the property in question. The agent’s client base and local knowledge will no doubt be more pertinent to your requirements. The agent will be likely aware of such things as local planning restriction, previous property history, and services available to residents. Furthermore, the agent will have a good understanding of property worth within their location. A real estate agent can draw upon local knowledge of the property market and also help to identify important facilities and opportunities such as schools, community services and employment prospects.

Navigation of Legal Contracts

The real estate market can be fraught with legal small print, laying traps that could end up incurring breeches of contract, court and maybe financial penalties. Your real estate agent will be most particular in the handling of contracts and other legal documents. The paperwork will be scrutinized thoroughly, with magnifying glass attention!

In truth, even the most meticulous agent will ultimately get a specialist lawyer to double check all content before committing you to contract.

The paperwork is indeed a substantial burden, one best handled by the professionals.

Real estate agents will, on your behalf, deal with all the mountains of paperwork, ensuring that your liabilities are clearly defined and covered in the final contract.

In conclusion, don’t risk plunging into the real estate deep end without the expertise of a professional real estate agent. Hire a professional realtor who can help you navigate the real estate market with ease.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

How To Think Like A Luxury Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

When selling your home, you can use some of the techniques that luxury real estate agents employ. By using some of the following techniques, you can boost the chances of selling your property quickly and closer to the price you want.

Find The Best Luxury Real Estate Agent

Luxury real estate agents create profiles of the types of buyers that are most interested in the properties they offer. They gear their efforts towards attracting that group.

You can do the same by creating a profile of buyers who would demographically be attracted to your home's location and features. This saves you time because you are eliminating those who may have no inherent interest.

For example, if your home is not near a quality school, then you might eliminate families with young children from your profile. Understand how your home appeals to an individual or family that fits your profile and gear your sales efforts towards them.

Research Sales in Your Neighborhood

It pays to know the price point in which other homes in your neighborhood are selling at. This gives you a base price and some important marketing information. The information is very important because you may be able to highlight a feature that is trending, such as location or home size. Luxury real estate agents always keep track of the types of homes that are selling in their target neighborhoods.

Highlight What Separates Your Home from the Rest

Every home has something that is unique. Use this to attract certain buyers who are interested in what you offer. Perhaps it is an additional bathroom, an outstanding view of the outside, a larger living room, or an expansive driveway. Figure out what separates your home from the competition. This provides you with an angle to sell the property that attracts attention.

Keep in mind that the person buying the home may not consider the unique feature the most important asset in their purchase, but it was likely the reason that they noticed your home in the first place.

Finally, be flexible when it comes to making important changes or renovations to your home. This means that you will have to weigh what changes may be necessary to sell the home at the price you want. Many luxury real estate agents will make simple, inexpensive changes to the home that help in the selling process. Mimic this to your advantage.

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

How to Stage Your Home to Sell

Selling your home involves far more than putting up a for sale sign and waiting for the buyers to walk in. You need to make your home attractive to potential buyers so that they feel compelled to purchase your property. The good news is that if your home is in reasonable shape and current when it comes to its appearance, the steps you need to take in presenting it properly will be inexpensive and highly effective.

Here are five tips that you need to put on your to-do list so that your home will be the most presentable when it comes to influencing potential buyers.

Clean Up The Clutter

First and most importantly, clear away all the clutter from the outside and inside of your home. You want your property to look as new and clean as possible so that it creates the right impression. Start with the outside by removing anything that is unsightly, mowing the lawn, and clearing away the trash. Clean the house properly and create as much open space as possible.

Get A Fresh Coat of Paint

If your home has not been painted in several years, a fresh coat can do wonders for selling your property. Not only with a new coat of paint make your home look new, the faint smell of fresh paint is like a new car smell. It subconsciously influences potential buyers into thinking that your home is new. This provides an added incentive to purchase.

Remove All Personal Belongings

Anything like family pictures, artwork, and things that are associated with you or your family on a personal level should be removed. This is because buyers should see your home as a blank canvas that they can make into their own. By having pictures of your family on the walls, knick-knacks, and other personal items, it makes them feel like visitors when they should feel like new owners. So, be sure to remove all items that are associated with you and your family.

Clean Up The Kitchen & Bathroom

While extensive renovations are not recommended, if you were to focus on two areas of your home that helps make it sell, the kitchen and bathroom would be the top choices. You will notice that most potential buyers make a bee line straight to the bathroom and kitchen when entering your home. Be sure that these rooms are in tip-top shape. Both rooms should be spotless. In the bathroom, you are focusing on clean surface areas. Any renovations that you are considering should make substantial improvements.

Inspect Before Presentation

It is important that you look at your home from the buyer’s perspective. So, once you have made the basic changes step back and look at your home to see if anything stands out. You do not need to be overly picky, but if there is something that does not look right or needs attention, it is best to do it before you open your home to potential buyers rather than try to explain afterwards.

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

10 Things Buyers Need to Know In A Sellers’ Market

When the demand for homes becomes greater than the number that are available, that is called a sellers’ market. When that occurs, it becomes difficult to purchase a home at a lower price because the seller knows that the supply of homes for sale is limited. The good news is that there are 10 things you can do to help address this condition in the marketplace and make the best deal possible.

Stick To Your Budget

Remember, it doesn’t do you any good to buy a home you cannot afford. So, set your budget and stick to it so that you can comfortably make the mortgage payments. Remember, you can always work to add to the down payment which can lower premiums while looking for the right home.

Get a Good Realtor

Everything starts by looking for a smart, proven realtor who can find the homes that are on the market. Even when the supply is low, there are usually good deals to be made and the right realtor can find them.

Have More Cash Upfront

One way to gain an advantage is having more cash upfront for your down payment. Those who offer more cash are more likely to get a discount or some type of savings compared to those with less cash available.

Get Pre-Approval for Your Mortgage

It pays to know what you can buy before the negotiation process begins. Getting pre-approval means that the sale can happen faster which is what the seller wants.

Stay Flexible

Unlike a buyer’s market where you can stick to specific points, a seller’s market requires you to be more flexible to land the property at the right price.

Get What You Need, Not What You Want

In other words, focus on what you need from the home, not what you would like to have, but can live without. Once you get the home you need, you can usually add what you want later if you desire.

Do Your Research

Even in a seller’s market, there are deals to be made. They may come from distressed properties or from those who must move quickly. So, be sure to do your research and be prepared when opportunity strikes.

Get To Know the Seller

The more you know the seller, the easier it will be to get a good price. You don’t have to become best friends, but if you can relate to the seller on a personal level it helps get your foot in the door towards making the right deal.

Come Up With Creative Solutions

You can work with your realtor in providing something that will attract the seller’s attention and possibly give you a better price in purchasing the home. For the most part, it will be offering something that the seller wants that few buyers can provide. But if you can, then you are that much close to making a good deal.

Finalize Your Decision

It’s not going too far to say that you must love the home you are about to purchase. If there is something nagging when it comes to buying, address it so that you know if this is the home that best fits your needs.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Questions To Ask A Builder | New Construction In Aventura, Florida

This week’s question is quite appropriate considering what is transpiring here in South Florida.

New construction is bountiful here in the Aventura, Florida. According to Cranespotters, there are 18 new projects under construction. Several of these projects are near completion.

“ I am purchasing a new construction condo in Aventura, Florida”. Obviously, I want to do a much as possible to protect my invest in the luxury condo in Aventura I am considering buying. What questions should I ask the builder”?

The first obvious question is:

How long have you been in business? Ask for their license and confirmation that they are insured.

How many projects (condominium) have you built?

What is the warranty on the product you offer?

Why should I buy from you? What benefits will I receive if I invest/purchase a home in your complex? Are their energy savings features? Do your products offer “smart features? I have written about smart homes, check it out here.

What are the standard features in the product you offer? What upgrades do you offer? What are their costs?

How long will it take to complete the project? And when will I gain access to my property?

How are you funding the project?

Request a list of prior home buyers.

Can I inspect a model unit?

When will a condominium association be set up? What are the costs of the maintenance? Are the fees monthly or quarterly?

My advice to any homeowner purchasing a luxury home in Aventura is to ask the above questions AND complete your due diligence, meaning check social media sites for feedback on the builder. If there are issues, it might show up on social media postings. Conduct research with government agencies i.e. check the validity of their license and finally head on over to the Better Business Bureau. Search for reporting on the builder you are going to hire.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Do I need Title Insurance?

This week's question:

I am a 27-year old single mother. I recently inherited a large sum of money and have decided to purchase a luxury condo in Aventura for cash.
Do I need Owner’s Title Insurance?
One Word...YES!
As a real estate professional, I know that buying a home is, for most people, an exciting time. In your case, that excitement is probably sprinkled with emotion.  
In most instances, and possibly yours, purchasing a home in Aventura, Florida is also your single largest investment. Your investment must  be protected just as your car, health and life are insured.  
In a nutshell, here is the definition of title insurance:
“Owner’s Title Insurance protects the buyer’s legal right, title, and interest in a property, safeguarding against a variety of potential challenges ranging from unexpected judgments to pending legal actions or outstanding liens against the property for as long as they own or have an interest in the home.”
So... in my daily business practice, I always advise my clients to purchase owner’s title insurance. I do this early in the home buying process.
Here are 3 reasons you will benefit by buying owner’s title insurance:
This type of insurance will:

  1. Protect your investment –The cost of this type of insurance is reasonable, typically no more than 0.5 percent of the home's purchase price. The mental peace of mind it will provide is, well as they say, priceless.
  2. Reduce your risk – Purchasing  title insurance will protect you  against any unforeseen legal and/or financial title discrepancies that may arise. This issues could be  a claim filed for ownership by the heir of a previous owner, a debt unpaid to a contractor by the builder, or a lien filed against the property because the seller has not paid his taxes.
  3. There is nothing else like it – Your typical homeowner’s insurance and warranties protect the structure and belongings in your home, the physical items. Title Insurance is the only insurance that protects your rights to remain in your home in Aventura, Florida.

As always I welcome the opportunity to speak with you further about all your real estate needs. I can be contacted here or telephone me at 786.797.9088.