Monday, August 24, 2015

What Is Staging?

This week’s question comes from an investor in the Peninsula Condo in Aventura. 

The luxury condo in Aventura is our second home. What is this staging we have been reading all about and is it important?

A. Good question and very important especially for second home homes or for those that own property as an investment. For a moment,  let me take you on a quick journey away from the real estate arena.

Magicians do it all the time. They create illusions.Somehow these artisans create something out of nothing.  The art of staging a home for sale is also about illusions. Given the opportunity, it is how the world famous magician Harry Houdini would sell a house. Your Aventura Realtor should discuss this step in the selling process with you, particularly if the property is vacant.

Staging is beyond cleaning and decorating a home with plants, rugs and furniture. No, it is about creating a lifestyle and a mood. The illusion is aimed at enabling the potential homebuyer to see your home as their home.

Home  Staging makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, cozier and more appealing  The ultimate goal of staging is to entice buyers to sign on the dotted line…. aka ....purchase your home in South Florida 

Regardless to what you might think, staging is more than putting your condo for sale in Aventura Florida. 

Staging is what you do after you have 

  • Cleaned 
  • Made minor repairs
  • Decluttered 
  • Painted
  • Made minor repairs  

Think of this step in the sales process as Cinderella getting ready for the ball. It is about dressing your home for sale.

The art of staging is all in the details. The flowers on the table, the rug under a coffee table, the arranging of furniture in an elegant order, adding dinner places on the balcony that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Staging is about placing towels elegantly in the master bathroom, and chic pillows on a king sized bed.

I hope this brief explanation is of help. A real estate agent or an Aventura Realtor should be able to supply you with further contact information for professional staging organizations.

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