Tuesday, September 15, 2015

12 Tips On Preparing Your Golden Beach Home For Sale

Q. My husband and I  has lived in our home for many years. Our children have all gone their separate ways, and we now find it necessary to downsize. We now believe it is time to place our Golden Beach home for sale.  I have no idea how to start this process, even before I call in an Aventura Realtor.

A. Glad to help you.

I have created a list of items you should address prior to listing your property for sale. These steps can be time-consuming but necessary to present your house in its best possible light. I have started on the exterior vantage points and next week I will address the interior tasks you should tackle, so stick around

Here we go...

  1. Add a few colorful flowering plants to your front garden. Ask yourself  “how does my home compare with others on the block”? Your home needs to stand out as THE  premier home.
  2. Purchase mulch to place around shrubs and trees. This will give your garden a fresh look.
  3. Paint the mailbox ( if you have one) and put a coat of paint on the front door.
  4. At all times ensure the grass and all surrounding areas are manicured.
  5. Ensure your driveway is free from any wandering weeds.
  6. If you have hurricane shutters ensure they are in their closed position and areas around them are cleaned.
  7. Paint the front door and garage door if necessary. Polish any hardware.
  8. Replace any exterior lights that have gone out.
  9. Clean windows and wash window ledges. This includes both interior and exterior.  
  10. Power wash any areas that have been stained, in particular, areas where water from a sprinkler has hit the building. This also includes any areas with mold, particularly walkways.
  11. If you have a tiled roof, consider having it pressured washed.
  12. If your home has a pool, make sure it is clean and tidy. An inviting idea is to place fresh brightly colored towels on lounge chairs.  

Remember to stop by again next week as I will detail things to do to spruce up the interior of your home. I will also include some insider Aventura Real Estate agent tips.