Monday, September 21, 2015

12 Tips On Preparing Your Golden Beach Home For Sale Pat Two, The Interior

Last week I commenced a two-part series on preparing your condo for sale in Aventura, Florida.  
The first of this series I tackled the exterior elements that should be reviewed before placing any
real estate in Aventura on the market for sale.

This week I head indoors to the interior of your home. 

Take the following into consideration before placing your home for sale in Aventura.

1. Remove all family photographs from view. The goal here is to enable a new buyer to see themselves and not you in the property. This also means packing away any souvenirs, trophies, collectible items all items that tie you to the house.

2. Freshen up the bathrooms with new towels. 

3. Make sure fixtures on shiny and clean… first appearances and all do count.

4. Purchase a diffuser and cinnamon essential oil. It is a known fact that this oil creates an inviting and calming atmosphere… simply said this magic fragrance “creates a welcoming feeling”. Other alternatives are plug-in air fresheners, Another simple and inexpensive method is to place a pot of slow boiling water on the stove with a stick of cinnamon in it when a showing is going to take place.

5. If you have pets, no matter what the size, have a planned area to keep them. We love animals, but not everyone does.

6. If you find the areas of your home that need a bit of sprucing up in the paint department, simply DO IT, this makes a BIG difference. Painting with a neutral color is best. If an interior door looks tired and worn out, give it a lick of paint.

7. Declutter all from view in the kitchen and storage areas. This includes refrigerator magnets, paintings the children (or grandchildren) have done, put art supplies, toys, magazines, books into decorative boxes.

8. Replace any interior light bulbs that have gone out.

9. Declutter closets- especially your walk in closets.

10. If your home has a garage.

11. If carpets are worn, consider replacing, however, do not invest a lot of money.
Any old or tatty throw rugs should be removed or replaced.

12. Critical- Remove excess furniture. Think about it, less furniture will make a room look larger and clear the walkway paths. There are many organizations you can donate your furniture ( make sure you ask for a donation form for tax purposes)

I hope these tips have helped you in preparing your home for sale. The next step, hiring an 

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