Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Aventura Florida | Impact Windows and Maintenance Fees

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This week’s Q (question) reads as follows:

We hear we are expecting another horrendous winter here in the northeastern section of the United States. With the thought of layers of clothing and piles of snow to shovel, my husband and I have decided to purchase a condo for sale in Aventura for the winter months. I guess you could say, we have chosen to become snowbirds! With this in mind, we have started to look for condos in Aventura using Realtor.com. We see you are a Real Estate Agent in Aventura and hope you can help us.

We would appreciate your help with addressing the following questions:

  • What impact windows?
  • What does the maintenance fees typically cover? How often are they payable?
  • Do most condos have outdoor parking?
  • How can we determine our real estate taxes

In this question and answer session, I will address the responses to the questions below over several weeks.  

On with the show…

Here are today’s answers:

Impact windows and doors are part of living down in paradise! Because we are located in an area that is frequented by hurricanes this type of window is a form of protection for not only the building but the occupants. This kind of window protection came into law after 2004, so all new homes built after this time are required to install this type of window. They offer protection for winds over 150 miles per hour.

Maintenance fees vary. Typically they are paid monthly and include payments for the following services:

  • Exterior building insurance - the homeowner handles the interior coverage
  • Building maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Facilities including pools, gyms, tennis courts, etc

In some cases security, concierge services, internet and cable is included. I have seen way too often potentials buyers refuse to view a property due to high maintenance, but it is so important to consider the items covered in the maintenance.

There are many condos for sale in Aventura, each with their variable maintenance fees.

Next week we will address further the questions posed.

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