Monday, October 5, 2015

Timing the Sale of Your Home


A. Here in the Sunshine State, real estate property sells all year round, particularly here in the Aventura Real Estate area, including Golden Beach. In our current market environment and because of supply and demand, both condominiums and single family homes sell very quickly.

According to studies Zillow has conducted there is a “Magic Window” to list your home, emphasis on "list" your home for sale.  This magic window is the early part of March to mid-April. This coincides with the end of our “season” here in the Sunshine State.

The article also notes that homes listed in this timeframe sell 16% times quicker than other homes listed at this time, for what it is worth I do not agree with the percentage.

I believe the reason homes are listed for sale at this time for the following reason:

Many homeowners place their home for sale in Aventura on the market for sale prior to the school closings in June. This enables a family to move residences, get settled into a new home before the beginning of the school year.

The end of the year is a key turning point here in the state of Florida. To claim homestead for the coming year, the homeowner must hold the title to the property in that year. This means that many REALTORS in Aventura will ensure their buyers are in ownership of their new home by year's end. In turn, this affects the seller.

An essential element in listing your home for sale in Aventura is to have a plan.

I suggest, hiring an Aventura Realtor and start putting together your exit plan. I am not talking the price but your strategy if your home sells immediately. This would include your search for a new home, moving companies, storage houses, facilities and for example transportation to your next residence ( if you are moving out of the area).

Also, have a plan if your home does not sell in a designated time frame. What is your plan if this is the case? Do you need to temporarily remove your home for sale in Aventura.  Or, do you need to review the pricing?

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