Monday, October 19, 2015

Condo Parking & Real Estate Taxes In Aventura


This week I will finalize several questions presented to me last week. The final two questions address car parking in condominium complexes and how you determine real estate taxes in Aventura Florida?

First, I must address a simple fact. The water table in our part of paradise is only four feet below us, meaning if you had the notion to dig a pond you would not have to put much effort into this task! Dig four feet and you will come face to face with water.

You will therefore not find underground parking.

Most complexes have one car spaces deeded to the property. On occasion, there are two assigned spots. Don’t let this concern you as most communities offer “Guest” spaces that can also be used by residents. A professional Realtor in Aventura will help you address this and other questions.

There are essentially three types of car parking facilities in Aventura and surround areas and often,

1. Open air assigned spaces. Most of this spaces are in open space car parking lots,
2. Covered outdoor spaces. Honestly, this is a rarity.
3. Occasionally a property will offer covered parking in an attached building, but as you can imagine this use of land is not profitable and rarely seen.

Many condos in Aventura offer a concierge service including the home above for sale at the Peninsula 11.

Now onto the question of real estate taxes. Again, first and foremost the real estate taxes a previous owner paid are NOT what you will pay, any knowledgeable real estate agent in Aventura will explain this to you.

The Miami/Dade government website offers a reliable tool to estimate your real estate taxes. Remember, if this new purchase is your primary residence you will want to apply for Homestead. I have explained this reduction in your real estate taxes here.

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