Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to verify your Aventura Realtor?

This week’s question hits the bull’s eye, the nail on the head and a question every buyer and seller must have in the forefront of their mind before engaging a real estate agent -Is this Aventura Realtor legitimate?

There are several ways to confirm if a Realtor is legally licensed. Remember, this Aventura Realtor is going to act on your behalf, so it is important to conduct your due diligence… even if the Realtor was referred to by a friend or family member.

Here is my verify a Realtor checklist:

1.Request their Real Estate license number.

There are two numbers you should be on the lookout for:

First, a  Florida state license number. In most cases, this is a number that is  attached to a local real estate board of Realtors. Once you have this number in hand confirm an Aventura Realtor is a participating member of this board.  Contact the local Board of Real Estate here.

A second number is a membership number to the National Board of Realtors( NAR). Their contact information is as follows:

Telephone 800.874.6500 or here.

Once again confirm that the individual is an active member of the NAR.

2. Contact their office and verify they are an active working agent. I would even go as far as to speak with the Broker or Manager of the Aventura Real Estate office.

Finally, I would conduct two an online search as follows:

  1. Visit the Department of Professional Regulation here.
  2. Google search the agent's name and look for reviews. recommendations etc.

Some cautionary considerations:

Just because someone has a fancy business card with a logo, name, address and a “Realtor” logo printed on the card does NOT mean they are licensed. Last time I checked anyone can get a discounted deal on business cards at Office Depot or on some online businesses.

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