Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tips for Buying/Selling a Home in Aventura Florida

Selling a Vacant Home- Good Or Bad


An empty home in Aventura can look cold and uninviting. Here is the evidence. Have you ever wondered into a new community? Many times there are several display models. Each and every one of these properties, potential homes are furnished. Why, because many buyers cannot visualize living in a home without furniture. They have to see it.

There is a complete industry that has mastered this "staging concept". Here is the link to an article I wrote on staging your home here.

Which is considered the better investment, a newer home or an existing(older) property?

A Newer Home.

Many builders during the property boom included many upgrades, additional features, and amenities. This was done to set them apart from their competition. Many of these characteristics are not found in older units. Assuming, that the newer home is well built, a more recent home constructed home is a better investment.

Here is a selection of  Aventura homes for sale.

Should I attend the walk thru on the purchase of my luxury condo in Aventura?

YES! Your Aventura Realtor should insist you attend; if of course you are in the area. The walk thru inspection is your last chance to ensure that the property is the same state/order as it was when you agreed to purchase. As an example, the refrigerator is still there (same model of course), tiles not broken, light fixtures and fans you agreed to buy are still at the home, etc. All this can only be confirmed if you attend the walk thru.

 If a walk-through inspection reveals a problem, but you decided not to attend and went directly to the closing you have not come back at all. NONE.

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