Friday, February 26, 2016

Home Inspection In Aventura, Florida

A home inspection can be a terrifying process to both experienced Aventura home buyers and newbie buyers in Sunny Isles.What if the condo in Aventura you cherish has major problems hiding beneath her shiny new coat of paint?  If you are losing sleep over possible problems, take a deep breath and rest assure there is a simple remedy. 
A Home Inspection is the answer. 
This examination of your potential purchase will protect you from a very bad deal. This week I aim to guide you through this most necessary step. First on the list....

Hire a  qualified and top notch local inspector.

While it may be tempting to hire any home inspector, say from the yellow pages, do not do it. You need the  right person: qualified: and experienced with a solid reputation.The inspection is no time to cut corners.

After all, purchasing a home is a massive investment. Do not do yourself a disservice by trying to cut corners on this vital step. From my experience,  plenty of inspectors don’t know what they’re doing and set up a business because it’s easy to do.

Here is a website you might want to head over to to confirm the license insurance and background of an inspector you are looking to hire.

After the inspection, you will receive a written report. HOWEVER, you should attend the inspection. This is an opportunity to learn valuable information on the mechanics/working components of your new home or investments. If there are problems/concerns with the property it is much easier to explain the ramifications of  these issues when we’re standing in front of it.” Plus, it sure beats deciphering a 15-page report about an air conditioning or plumbing problems.
Do not be afraid to ask questions.
Really stick your nose into the inspection. You and your inspector will be looking at all types of things you might have skipped during your showings, like the air conditioning units ( if an older condo in Aventura) or the roof tiles on a home in Sunny Isles.

Consider this time spend as free (and valuable) bits of advice. Don’t be frightened  to delve into the details. Even the best home will receive a laundry list of to-do’s and potential problems, and fixing them will be much easier with a hands-on understanding of the issues involved.  

Come by next week when I will discuss “Inspection Report in Hand- what next?

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