Wednesday, March 30, 2016

7 Easy Steps To Refresh & Prepare Your Luxury Condo in Aventura For Sale ( + 1 Bonus Idea)

This week’s question from a reader is as follows:

"I am putting my luxury condo in Aventura up for sale in the near future. Any ideas for refreshing the interior for the upcoming showings" ?

Good question!

Here are my list of:

“ 7 Easy Steps to Refresh and Prepare Your Luxury Condo in Aventura For Sale”

  1. Update your linens in the bathroom. A few brightly colored towels make all the difference. Potential buyers will peak into your linen closets so ensure all is neat and tidy.
  2. Infuse color into your living area with updated pillows and throws. You can give your luxury condo in Aventura a quick edit and on a small budget with a few colored or patterned pillows or blankets.
  3. Refresh your bed linens. Light, bright bedding and linens reflect our tropical lifestyle here in Aventura, Florida
  4. Bring the outside indoors by adding a punch of color with flowers and live greenery into your home,
  5. Burn a scented candle. The goal is to evoke serenity and peace.
  6. Brighten up the balcony or patio  with new potted plants. Outdoor furniture can also be updated by adding a new pillow or throw.
  7. Ensure the front entrance to your home is clean and neat. Polish the brass, wipe down the front door. Replace the front door mat is needed. First appearances and opinions make all the difference.

And one more step:

Do not forget the all important kitchen. Do the kitchen towels need to be replaced? Are your utensils displayed in a nice decanter. Where are all your appliances? Are they creatively on show?

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