Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring is in the air, and I have had an enquiry from a buyer in the northeastern part of the USA.

"We thought we had been lucky this year with the lack of winter storms. But as I gaze out the window, in March I am amazed, actually horrified at the massive amount of white stuff (snow) falling on the pavement. So that is it! My husband and I have decided to move to a warmer climate. We have determined Aventura Florida is a great place to start. Can you please tell us what the real estate market is like for luxury condos in Aventura Florida?

    Frozen in Boston

Dear Frozen….

Look no further for your luxury condo in the Sunshine State.- Aventura has so much to offer, and I am sure we will find you the perfect home.

Let me give you a bird's eye view of our part of paradise.:

>Aventura, the Spanish word for adventure is a suburban city situated in the northeastern part of the Miami-Dade County.

>The city began her life in the early 1970’s and is only 3. 5 square miles in total.

>We are based in a tropical monsoon climate. This means with having warm winters which are typically dry and hot/humid summers with rain. The rain mainly comes on in the afternoon and is gone in a matter of moments.

>The population count as of 2010 is 35,762 residents.

>Both the Miami International and Hollywood International airports are close at hand. Nearby roadways include the Florida Turnpike and Interstate 95.

>There are several regional universities and colleges located in Aventura,Florida including Florida International University.

>Area attractions including the Aventura Mall, a 2,4000,000 square  indoor shopping mall.

>The world famous Turnberry Golf Course is located in our city. The beaches surrounding the area a numerous.Local parks include the Founders Park, Founders Park Bayside, Waterways Dog Park, Veterans Park, and The Community Recreation Center.

As you can see we spend many hours outdoors in South Florida (all year round!) Come on down and I will help you settle into the Aventura, Florida lifestyle.

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