Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Home Inspection | Part 2

Last week I reviewed the importance of a home inspection. This week I will address the dreaded home inspection report. But first, I would like to recap what I discussed last week in this post.
Here are the steps I advise the buyers of a home in Aventura to follow.

  • Hire a qualified and LOCAL Aventura Inspector
  • Attend the inspection
  • Ask questions at the inspection- this the time to learn the workings of your home in Sunny Isles!

To read the complete article on the home inspection process in Aventura Florida click here.

Today I will review the following last step you should take during the inspection process.



If you are purchasing a “Used Home” a vast majority of issues raised during your home inspection are repairable. Some of these problems may be small and easily repaired/fixed. This would include rattling doorknobs or, as example broken window panes.

If your inspector uncovers an important issue, say mold or some leak now is the time to consider walking away from the purchase or use the issue as a bargaining tool in the final negotiations.

This is where I come in this process. We will discuss the best approach to handle this issue. If the offer were contingent on a successful inspection, we would have a sound basis to request that the current homeowners make repairs before you take ownership of the home. Of course, this is always placed in writing and added to the contract as an addendum.

Your contract might be written such that any repairs over a certain amount of money will void the contract. Alternatively, after negotiations the buyer might request the homeowner to contribute toward the repair.

Obviously all new construction is covered by a builders warranty. It is important to learn how long and what is covered by this type of insurance policy.


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