Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Get Over It!

This week’s question is a newsworthy topic. A question from a potential buyer of a luxury condo in Aventura reads as follows:

“ The news is ablaze with these Panama Papers. What is going on down there in the Sunshine State? Should I consider purchasing a condo in Aventura?”

This question is right on topic, on the tip of the tongues of many a Realtor ®, homeowner, and investor. Switch on the television and this is all you hear. The same applies to our local newspapers, both in English and Spanish.

This real estate agent, I have one reply:

Get over it...Move on... This is South Florida, and this is not news!

Let's be honest: South Florida has always had a reputation as a player on the “wild side”. Whether you look at the 1980’s with the drug lords and the massive amounts of money that poured into our neighborhoods, the mortgage frauds of the 1990’s that ran into the new century or this recent episode of the Panama Papers life continues here in Miami and Aventura. We get up, we work, we play and have a marvelous lifestyle.

We are the envy of many a northern or family that lives in a colder climate. Buyers from all over the world purchase homes in South Florida. Investors are worldwide.

There are many reasons to invest in South Florida. By all means call me and I will detail these reasons to you.

So dear reader, I cannot think of one reason that should prevent you from purchasing a luxury condo in Aventura… come on down… we are waiting for you!

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