Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Which is Best | New or Remodeled Home

This week starts a series of articles entitled “ Which Is Best”. In this sequence, I will present a real estate topic and my thoughts on it.

New construction versus an older established home is a hot topic that has come across my desk often, especially in light of the massive amount of new construction taking place in South Florida and here in the luxury real estate market here in Aventura.

Here are my “Top 6  Reasons To Buy A New Construction Home.”
( Plus one Bonus Reason)

1.You can choose a room layout and floor plan of your liking, one that meets your needs. Families with children often want to sleep on the same floor level as their children. Parents with teenagers might want a resting place far from the noise and carry on of the 21st-century generation.

2.Selection of kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring is your choice. With new construction, say that luxury condo in Aventura, options on lighting and window treatments can match your style.

3.All new translates into... all under warranty by builder and manufacturer including construction and appliances.  

4.Low maintenance, at least in the beginning. If there are issues that come up, say a leaking water heater refer to point 3. 

Don’t let this confuse you when someone presents to you a “lower maintenance” fee, whether this payment is monthly or quarterly. Sure the fees might be lower in the beginning, but just as the cost of living increases so should your maintenance fees.

5. The 21st century has brought about many energy and cost saving features. All new construction in homes in Aventura require impact windows. This feature provides the following benefits:

          Protection from the winds of a hurricane or storm. 
          The double pane glazing is a cost saving feature.

Many new homes offer smart home facilities. This is a home equipped with lighting, heating and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer. Think of lowering the air conditioning on your way home as opposed to cooling your luxury home in Aventura while you are at work.

6  Many offerings from the community including lavish resort style community center, clubhouses, and pools. Many condos in Aventura have running paths also.

And finally:

A new construction home. Like this luxury home in Aventura has a fresh, vibrant feel to it. This type of home allows you and your family to make your mark and your own memories.

As I say each week, if you need assistance with your real estate needs I welcome the opportunity to assist you. I can be contacted here or at 786.797.9088.

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