Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Which is Best | Condo or Single Family Home

3030 Aventura
Welcome to week two in the series of articles entitled “Which Is Best”. You can find last week's post here. This week I present to you my thoughts on living in the condo versus residing in  a  single family home.

1. Lifestyles are changing. The location is important. Whether you are a baby boomer or a millennium, the trend now is moving toward urban living. The advantages are numerous including a reduced commute to work, walking distance to shops, restaurants, and cultural events.  

2. Urban living allows for a “vehicle free” lifestyle.

3. Many of the luxury condos in Aventura offer resort-like amenities that include fitness centers, spas, communal entertaining areas and of course, not to be missed the swimming pools. Often a jacuzzi is available for that after relation work hour.

4. A concierge service is a norm in many luxury condos in Aventura. Why struggle with groceries and the bundles of packages when help is at hand? Parking your car is so last century!

5. Life in a condominium is maintenance free. No landscaping is required, no painting of the exterior of your home or maintaining the roof. Now that is not to say you will not be paying for the above, in the form of either a monthly or quarterly maintenance fee but if watering the garden and pulling weeds is not your forte, condo life enables you to live without having to perform these tasks.

6. Often times the cost the cost of purchasing a condominium is less expensive less expensive that a single family home. This is partially true of a luxury condo in Aventura. Ask me more here.

7.Residing in a condo provides an immediate sense of community often, living in a single family home owners are separated by larged fenced in gardens. Without those yards, friendships are made much quicker.

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