Wednesday, May 18, 2016

This weeks question is very “on topic” for us in South Florida. Public transportation has always been an issue here in the Sunshine State… or perhaps I should say, the lack of this service.  As you can imagine, this has a tumble down effect on homeowners  in Aventura and the residents that wish to live in our neck of the woods. After all if it’ hard to get from Point A to Point B why bother?

Finally...This is all changing and now onto the questionfro a reader up north:

“I am interested in living in South Florida and currently reside in New York City where car ownership is not necessary. Is there a public transportation system I can use so that I can buy my dream luxury condo in Aventura or will I have to lower my price point and purchase a car?”

Dear “Carless,

What a very good time to consider moving to South Florida! Our  feeble transportation system will
Soon have a breath of life blown into her.

Brightline, a privately funded railway system in currently under construction. The rail system will commence in Orlando with stops in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Stations are under constructions in all areas. It will now be possible to commute from these three cities into  “The Magic City”( Miami).

Here is more on the project.

This new system opens the state up to many possibilities. Travelers will be able to fly into either Orlando or Miami and connect with the rest of the state. Residents say owners of luxury condos in Aventura ( shameless plug)  will be able to commute either north or south to work. And let’s not forget leisure activities, the theme parks of Orlando and Kissimmee and the numerous theaters, museums and other cultural events in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

I hope this solves your transport dilemna by all means call me at 786.797.9088 or email me with any questions/concerns.

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