Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Why Use A Realtor?

This weeks question came from a homeowner of a luxury home in Sunny Isles, Florida. It is very direct and straightforward:

The owner asks:
Why Should I Use A Realtor to sell my home in Sunny Isles?

I receive many such queries from both within the United States and abroad. Here is my reply:

  1. I have market knowledge.As a licensed Realtor®, access to the most recent market information which includes both sales of homes in Aventura and Sunny Isles. In addition I am aware of new properties listed for sale. On a broader scope, I am in tune with the state and nationwide market environment.
  2. My negotiating skills are superior and finely tuned over many years in the industry..My goal, whether you are selling or purchasing a residential property is to ensure a win-win scenario for all involved.
  3. When listing your home, I coordinate and host the showings.
  4. I market your home for sale in Aventura (and many other South Florida neighborhoods)
  5. If you are purchasing a home, I attend all inspections.
  6. Using my access to the multiple listing service (MLS) I ensure correct pricing of any home purchase.
  7. If you are relocating out of the area, I can assist you with our relocation program.
  8. Over the years of assisting many in real estate transactions, I have accumulated a list of professionals in many fields including moving companies, plumbers.Lawyers, inspectors, title companies and so much more.
  9. I will guide you through the closing process. This includes  a review of the HUD an acronym for Housing and Urban Development. As a licensed real estate agent and within the industry his form is called the HUD-1, The HUD  is the final breakdown of settlement funds at the end of the transaction. You will need this for your taxes.
  10. I will assist you in staying objective, especially during both the selling and purchasing process.

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