Thursday, June 16, 2016

Buyers Check- List | Sunny Isles Florida

This week’s email question comes from a homeowner of a luxury home in Sunny Isles. This concern comes across my desk several times a month. Today is the day I sit down and put my thoughts to paper…

The Question:

Do you have a checklist of items I should attend to when moving into my new luxury home in Sunny Isles?

I have put together a checklist of items you should address when moving into your new home in Sunny Isles, Florida.

1. Change the locks, do not forget  the garage doors and exterior gates (if any).
2. Have a designated area for boxes and packing materials. This will allow for a quick and easy clean up.
3. Steam clean carpets and polished wooden floors.
4. Pressure clean patios.
5. Locate the breaker box.
6. Purchase and install a fire extinguisher.
7. Confirm smoke detectors functioning correctly, if not purchase new devices.
8. Put an emergency preparedness kit in place, including candles and flashlights.
9. Call in an air conditioning expert to service your unit.
10.Hire a workman to check the gutters for blockages caused by leaves and other debris.
11. If your new home in Sunny Isles has a septic tank, call in an inspector.
12.Bring in a landscaper to trim back trees. See this post.
13.Switch on the refrigerator and freezer. These units will need to be operational at least 24 hours before you place food items in them.
14.Gather the family in the car and have a “test” run to schools, transportation services, roads, sports facility and the ocean…..

After all we live in Sunny Isles, Florida!

15.Clean out dryer vents, run washing machine and dishwasher.
16. If installed, ensure hurricane shutters operational.

While your home inspection should have looked for plumbing leaks, it is a good tip to only run all the pipes again… just as a safeguard.

If I have not answered one of your questions on moving into your home in Sunny Isles Florida contact me here.

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