Thursday, June 9, 2016

How do I prepare for the hurricane season?

This week’s question comes from a “Newbie” Floridian.

Earlier this year I moved from the northeastern United States to the South Florida.  I understand we are now in hurricane season. How should I prepare my home in Sunny Isles for this season of storms?

The to-do list for hurricane season is long. Many people think that hurricane shutters are where outside preparation begins and ends. Sadly, they are wrong. It is what lurks outside your windows that also must be addressed.

Unfortunately, your landscaping can be severely damaged during a storm. Even worse the damage caused to your garden can also damage your single family home in Sunny Isles.

Trees and limbs can become projectile objects when uprooted by hurricane force winds.  

Let us look at some practical steps in preparing your home for the hurricane season that is upon us here in South Florida.

Take a good look at your trees. From the TOP to the BOTTOM.  All too often we do not look at the whole picture when critiquing the exterior of our home.

Are Tree branches overshadowing your home, the neighbors garage or electrical poles?  I suggest that you call in an arborist and have dead branches removed and in general have branches trimmed back. They will grow back during our winter season

Speaking of  our winter season, if during this time of year you have gravel and small decorative stones placed around your garden switch up to mulch. Should the wind catch a piece of this garden material( mulch)  it is less likely to cause damage or injury.

Back to the building structure…

Clean out your gutters. During the year leaves, nests and the occasional branch can sometimes be trapped in a family home in Sunny Isles. This prevents water from flowing away from your home during a heavy storm or hurricane. If the water is unable to flow, it will back up somewhere...

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