Friday, July 22, 2016

It is HOT! Why move to Aventura, Florida?

As the country melts in the summer heat I have had a question from a gentleman in Boston, Massachusetts.

This week's question:

My wife and I are retiring at the end of this ear. We were considering a move to the Sunshine State and in particular, we have been reviewing properties online, including luxury condos in Aventura.

However, we are right in the middle of a heat wave in state and wonder how and if we want to subject ourselves to the excessive heat of life in Aventura, Florida.

Mr. Bostonian, with all due respect,  I have one, actually two words for you.

Air Conditioning

Sure our summers are hot here in Aventura, Florida and the rest of South Florida, however, the winter months are beyond glorious.

The highest monthly average temperature in Aventura, Florida for August is 84 degrees.
The lowest monthly average temperature in our fair city for February is 68 degrees.

There are so many indoor activities in which to practice here in the sunshine state. Many luxury condos in Aventura, Florida offer first class fully equipped indoor exercise facilities. This luxury complex located on an island off of the shores of Aventura offers an extravagant spa.

To wrap up here is some more facts about life in Aventura, Florida.

  • The most monthly precipitation in Aventura occurs in June with 8.4 inches.
  • The air quality index in Aventura is 17% better than the national average.
  • The pollution index in Aventura is 86% better than the national average.

There are so many reasons to purchase that luxury condominium in Aventura, Florida. I welcome the opportunity to show you our piece of paradise.

I can be contacted at 786.797.9088 or here.

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