Thursday, August 4, 2016

Questions To Ask A Builder | New Construction In Aventura, Florida

This week’s question is quite appropriate considering what is transpiring here in South Florida.

New construction is bountiful here in the Aventura, Florida. According to Cranespotters, there are 18 new projects under construction. Several of these projects are near completion.

“ I am purchasing a new construction condo in Aventura, Florida”. Obviously, I want to do a much as possible to protect my invest in the luxury condo in Aventura I am considering buying. What questions should I ask the builder”?

The first obvious question is:

How long have you been in business? Ask for their license and confirmation that they are insured.

How many projects (condominium) have you built?

What is the warranty on the product you offer?

Why should I buy from you? What benefits will I receive if I invest/purchase a home in your complex? Are their energy savings features? Do your products offer “smart features? I have written about smart homes, check it out here.

What are the standard features in the product you offer? What upgrades do you offer? What are their costs?

How long will it take to complete the project? And when will I gain access to my property?

How are you funding the project?

Request a list of prior home buyers.

Can I inspect a model unit?

When will a condominium association be set up? What are the costs of the maintenance? Are the fees monthly or quarterly?

My advice to any homeowner purchasing a luxury home in Aventura is to ask the above questions AND complete your due diligence, meaning check social media sites for feedback on the builder. If there are issues, it might show up on social media postings. Conduct research with government agencies i.e. check the validity of their license and finally head on over to the Better Business Bureau. Search for reporting on the builder you are going to hire.

As always, I am here to assist you with purchasing your luxury condo in Aventura. Contact me at 786.797.9088. In addition, I can be contacted here.

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